Ebenezer, the Stone of Help Foundation is a 501c3 organization allowing donations to be tax deductible, and seeks to serve under the umbrella of our local Christian fellowships. We ask that those who desire to contribute to the foundation never do so by donating monies that would normally go to their local fellowship. Many of our churches have dynamic benevolence programs, ministering to the community in very practical ways.

We are careful not to compete, rather complete, the ministry of the church; to never conflict, but rather compliment, the work being done through local ministries. For example, say an organization, a club, a group of co-workers, holds a fund raising event for a suffering friend. Many of those involved will probably go to different churches. Coordinating such an event through the Ebenezer Foundation provides a means for collective contributions to be made interdenominationally. The donors may remain anonymous and their contribution is fully tax deductible. The monies contributed, then, will be provided to the needy individual or family as requested in the Name of the Lord.

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